When Kate Hudson stopped by 'Watch What Happens Live' with her 'Wish I Was Here' co-star Zach Braff, she opened up about her favorite on-screen kiss and played one cringe-inducing round of 'Plead the Fifth.'

When a caller phoned in to ask the actress which on-screen kiss was the best, Hudson didn't hesitate.

"I would say my favorite one was Heath [Ledger]. That was pretty excellent," she revealed. (And not to hurt Zach Braff's feelings, the caller graciously left him out of the question.)

"He was just so beautiful and sweet and gentle," continued Hudson, who starred alongside the late actor in 'The Four Feathers.' "I would say I look back at all [of them] … and that was really -- he was lovely. That's a tough one to answer, but … an amazing [memory]."

Hudson was also game for host Andy Cohen's staple game, 'Plead the Fifth.' As he asked her questions like, "Have you ever smoke pot [with your 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' co-star] Matthew McConaughey?" and "Have you ever taken a dip in the lady-pond?" the actress answered honestly -- although some of her answers may surprise you.

Watch Kate Hudson reminisce about kissing Heath Ledger in the video above, and check out her playing 'Plead the Fifth' in the video below.

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