How many times have you watched a science fiction television show and wondered, what if?  This is one of those stories but it's not science fiction, it is actual fact.

Japan has invented something that is being described as a speech jamming device!  Talk about mind control.  It's already being done!  The device will painlessly force people into silence.  On one hand that sounds really scary but on the other hand there are some people who I would love to force into silence.  I bet you can think of a few of your own.  Anyway, here's how it works.  It can be operated at up to 30 meters away, translated, that is about  98.43 feet.  The device works by recording the target person's speech then it fires their words back  at them with a 0.2-second delay.  That affects the brain's cognitive processes  and it causes the speaker to at first stutter and then silence them completely.  They have found that it cannot make people stop making unintelligible sounds, only people speaking actual words.  It must affect the part of the brain that regulates thought and speech working together.  This is Star Trek and Twilight Zone stuff if you ask me...I'm already imagining the number of ways it can be abused.