One of my favorite things about Grand Rapids is the amount of festivals they put on to attract people downtown. From arts, to cultures, to and food - we've got it all; and more.

A brand new festival will make its debut this fall. Confluence is a free three-day festival that will be held at Calder Plaza and according to the event's website,

...explores what’s possible when art, music, science, and technology converge.

This is described as a "multi-sensory" event so it'll be a little different then what you might be used to. The festival will be divided in different sections:

  • Music - A lineup hasn't been revealed yet but there will be a blend of genres from national artists and all will somehow combine music, technology, and art.
  • Art -3D graphics, audio, and motion graphics will make for one show and "Displays of color and sound, evolving and interactive, will provide attendees with a digital playground to make their own."
  • Maker Expo - "Equal parts science fair and tech meet up" - this will unite DIYers from backgrounds in engineering, crafting, artists, etc.
  • Thought Series - A series of panels, discussions, and conversations from local and national "thought-leaders" from different fields. The series will mostly focus on medical technology and how it affects the entire health care system.
  • Innovation Showcase - Feature people from high-tech startups from underrepresented communities.
  • Future Innovators Zone - This will be a hands-on learning experience specifically for families and future innovators.

Anyone who is interested in partaking in some of these showcases are invited to partake but an application must be submitted. Get more info from the website.

Confluence will take place September 23-25 at Calder Plaza. A full schedule has not been released yet.

A managing partner for Confluence said in a statement,

We will challenge people intellectually, introduce them to new ideas and give them a glimpse into the future of high tech in West Michigan. It will be exciting to experience the magic that happens when all of these elements come together in one place (via Fox17).

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