Yesterday being the 4th of July, we took a day off of visiting with our "furry friends," so here we go with 'Wet Nose Thursday!'

Nicole Cook from the Humane Society of West Michigan was on the show this morning, and brought "Roxie" in to the studios.  Roxie is a Pit-Bull mix, about one and a half years old.  She is a very calm, loving dog and would make the right family a wonderful pet.

As always, you can get information on Roxie and all of the adoptable pets on their web site,, and by calling 616-453-8900.

Nicole also mentioned a very special program for veterans.  It's called "Pets for Vets," and the Humane Society of West Michigan is one of only two in the state able to operate the program.

Again, all the information is on their web site.