Crash’s Landing, is a non profit no kill animal shelter.  Their mission statement is, “Saving Our Little Corner Of The World One Cat At A Time.”

Dr. Jen Petrovich and her volunteers know each and every kitty in Crash’s Landing and Sid’s Sanctuary.  They can even help match you up with the kind of kitty purrrsonality you’re looking for; be it a lap cat, a senior for a senior, or maybe you’re looking for a playful family feline.  The volunteers work with them day in and day out and know what each and every cat is all about. 

Each Friday, on 100.5 The River, is a ”Purrrfect Friday," A Crash's Landing kitty is featured and that kitty hopes to be adopted into a loving, caring, furrrever home.

This week’s kitty from Crash’s Landing is “Chamomile”.  Dr. Jen Petrovich from Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic shares "Chamomile's Story"

For more Crash Kitties looking for a loving, furrrever home, please visit Crash’s Landing.  ps And remember when you adopt from Crash’s Landing if your circumstances change and must surrender your kitty you can ALWAYS return them to Crash’s Landing…No Questions Asked!

If you see any form of animal abuse or have concerns about an animal PLEASE CARE and call.  All Reports Of Animal Abuse Will Remain Confidential.  Period.  Simply say I wish this to be confidential.  Done.

Kent Country Animal Services: 616-632-7300

Humane Society 616-453-7757

Animals have no voice.  You can be their voice anonymously.  Care enough to do at least that.  You know deep down inside what is wrong.


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