Cell phones and dating don't seem to mix well. A Zoosk.com poll shows many singles are getting tired of rude cell phone behavior, and 33-percent admit they've ended a date early because the person they were with was "too absorbed with their cell phone." "Constantly glancing at a cell phone" tops the list of the most irritating offenses, with 86-percent saying it bothers them when their date does this. Nearly 75-percent believe it's rude to text someone while on a date, and 51-percent are put off when their companion takes a call during the date.

There are also some post-date points of etiquette to keep in mind as well. It's a good idea to check with your date before posting pictures of your outing on social networking page. Just 35-percent of the singles 30 and younger say they'd object to seeing photos of the date posted on Facebook or Twitter. But 55-percent of those over 30 admit they'd be upset if those snapshots cropped up online.


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