ARRGH Ye Maytees, I hear the rumors of TREASURE here in Grand Rapids!

Local Redditor Leaves Treasure

One local post on the popular online forum website Reddit, has been gaining some traction on it's r/Michigan subreddit. r/Michigan is the subreddit dedicated to the latest news and happenings here in the great state of Michigan.

The post reads like a classic treasure troupe that you would only hear about in movies or odd role-playing games. It's tells the story of a lonely ailling aristocrat leaving behind a treasure for those who love scavenger hunts

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The Search is On

What catches the eye when you first stumble upon this post is the tragic title it was given, "My days are almost over, I want to bring someone joy with the time I have remaining"

The redditor went on to say that within the past month their situation had taken a turn for the worst and they wouldn't last another month in this "Mortal Coil"

It stated they had always been a fan of scavenger hunts, and they hid a chest full of their worldly possessions somewhere in the City of Grand Rapids. That they put together a poem that hopefully helps lead adventurers to it.

This redditor has no descendants or close friends to leave their lifetime of treasures to. It consists of a collection of ancient coins, precious metals, historic relics, and various curiosities.

Included will also be a brief autobiography of original owner and how they obtained the treasures over the years.

Find the Grand Rapids Treasure

In the post it is detailed that the chest that the treasure is in, is fire, water, and weather proof. That inside will be a notarized document handing over possession of the items to the finder.

Every great treasure hunt has a map or a story to lead them to it. Below is the only clues that will help lead you to the treasure.

Head on down to the river’s side where the geese march and the lover’s stride. The launch point is your starting point then march North to where the path disjoints. From here head East 30 steps and then you turn and take a left. The next 48 steps will not be FuN but worry not, you’re almost done. Assuming that you did it right, you should be standing beneath a light. One more left, then 21 steps. Now feel around beneath the depths. The chest should not be very deep, Once it’s found it’s yours to keep.

The clue seems pretty straightforward, but is there a classic treasure catch? Does this mean the treasure will be IN the River? Will the brave soul who finds it let us know what it was? We'll have keep our eyes peeled to the internet to see.

You can check out the full post below.

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