All day long Monday, 12,000 people came in and out to get a COVID vaccine shot in their arm at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids. It was part of a trial run. Spectrum Health is ramping up to vaccinate as many as 20,000 people in a single day.

A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services confirmed Monday’s appointments at DeVos Place seem to account for the largest clinic run in the state so far. It was a COVID vaccination record setting day in West Michigan. I was there. Without going into too much personal info about how I "felt" afterwards, I will share with you the actual experience...

I parked in the government lot across the street from DeVos Place located on Monroe. The flashing sign said there were 136 spaces available. I was able to quickly and easily find a spot. When I got closer to the front door at DeVos, I noticed a sign that requested people not enter until the time of their appointment. That would explain the loiterers.

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Upon entering the building, my temperature was checked. I was then directed to a turnstile line. There wasn't a rollercoaster at the end but I did feel like I was at an amusement park. Excitement was in the air with one exception - there were no children in sight. Only us old people were present. The line moved constantly. Everyone was spaced out adhering to social distancing rules... a trend that I actually like. It took about five minutes to get through the turnstiles.

After snaking around the stanchions, I arrived at a door. A woman directed me into another line. These lines were marked A through F. I went to "F". After filling out a few quick questions on paper, I stepped up to the touch screen computer where I self- registered.

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Next, was my turn. With papers in hand, I went to the private vaccination room. These were rows of curtained off spaces. My nurse recommended that I got the shot in my less dominant arm. I told him that I wasn't a fan of shots and wouldn't be watching. I warned him that I might pass out. I didn't. The shot happened so quickly and easily that I was shocked by how fast it was done.

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Afterwards, I sat in a room for 15 minutes. They ask everyone to do this. Without any crazy immediate side effects, I left with vaccine record in hand. I got my parking validated on the way out.

In conclusion, as a vaccinee, the record setting day at Devos Place was easy-peazy. The line moved fast. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. My nurse had wonderful bedside manner as he could tell I was nervous. Thanks Matt!

Roughly 600 people, half of whom are volunteers, are helping run the clinic.

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Currently, everyone 50 and up and those 16 and up who have disabilities or medical conditions, as well as their caregivers, are eligible for the vaccine. Everyone 16 and up will become eligible in Michigan starting next Monday, April 5.

You can register at the West Michigan Vaccine Clinic online. 

One shot down, one more to go!

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