Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd and his wife Ashley have formed a nonprofit which protects at-risk children. The charity aims to end child sex slavery through prevention by providing a home and opportunity for those who are at risk.

The Boyd's nonprofit, Kingdom Home, was formed in 2018. They explained to that the idea came from a conversation with Carl Ralston, the director of Remember Nhu. Remember Nhu fights provides 108 homes in 16 countries to youth who are at-risk of sex trafficking.

Kingdom Home has adopted a similar mission. Kingdom Home currently operates one home that houses 36 girls ages 6 - 14 in Uganda.

Uganda has a strong need for support. Uganda has the world's youngest population with 78 percent of people under the age of 30. 10 percent of the children in Uganda are orphans and in some areas up to 10 percent of children have been trafficked.

Ashley Boyd told, "Our goal is for them to no longer be at risk for child sex slavery. If we give them a skill and a value beyond selling their bodies, they will be successful and we will reach our goal.”

Kingdom Home hopes to open more homes to help any and all at-risk children by ending the cycle of abuse, but they need support to continue to grow.

Sponsor a child in Uganda through Kingdom Home. It costs $120 per month to fully sponsor a child, but any amount helps towards the goal of keeping at-risk children safe and offering them an opportunity at a better future.

Matthew Boyd in Uganda for Kingdom Home.
Kingdom Home

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