As West Michigan braces for strong winds, now is a good time for a quick reminder on how to best prepare your home for a wind storm.

Strong storms on the way as this week are expected to bring sustained winds of 45 mph and gusts of 60 mph. That's enough to create downed trees, power outages and property damage.

Meemic Insurance shares the best ways to prepare for wind storms and minimize damage to your property.

  • Secure yard items before a storm. If you have cars outside of the garage, tractors, ATVs or anything large out in the open, including something like patio furniture, make sure you have a plan to secure it all. This could mean finding a place for it in storage or securing belongings with ropes to be sure they do not blow away or cause destruction.
  • Cut overhanging tree limbs. Any tree that spreads its branches over your roof or over your cars could result in dangerous damages during a wind storm. Cutting down potentially hazardous tree branches could save you hassle and save your home from excessive wind damage.
  • Make sure your shingles are strong enough. If you live in an area that's prone to high winds, understand that the average shingle is not built to properly protect your home from heavy storms. Your largest investment is your home. Take the time to replace your shingles if needed to protect you and your family from unwanted destruction.
  • Stock up your emergency supply kit. Heavy winds can often lead to power outages, sometimes for days at a time. This means it is important to be prepared with enough water and non-perishables in the event that power outages last longer than expected.
  • Be sure that your insurance is up to date on all of your belongings.

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