West Michigan is home to dozens of delicious varieties of apples, but nothing creates chaos quite like Honeycrisp apples.

West Michigan's Honeycrisp apple harvest is just getting started.

See which orchards have Honeycrisps and when they'll be ready to pick!

Most orchards are expecting Honeycrisps to really get going in around two weeks, but one orchard has plans to start picking them this weekend. Expect a little competition if you are determined to be among the first to bring some home.

Some orchards are just now starting to estimate when Honeycrisps will be ready. Others have a firm date set. Keep that in mind and let us know if you have any updates or other orchards to add to our list.

Current West Michigan Honeycrisp schedule:

  • Overhiser Orchards6405 109th Ave, South Haven. Will start picking on Saturday, 9/2.
  • Sietsema Orchards, 8540 2 Mile Rd NE, Ada. "Opening weekend September 7th - 9th."
  • Grange Fruit Farm, 1900 13 Mile Rd NE, Rockford. "Possible Saturday, September 9."
  • Schwallier's Country Basket, 1185 9 Mile Rd NW, Sparta. Ready September 9.
  • Summersweet Orchard, 1889 92nd St SE, Caledonia Township. Ready "in about ten days."
  • Klackle Orchards, 11466 W Carson City Rd, Greenville. Available in market second week of September.
  • Steffens Orchard, 4344 13 Mile Rd NW, Sparta. They said, "tried one today, still not there yet." Expect to be ready September 15 - 20.
  • Ed Dunneback & Girls, 3025 6 Mile Rd NW, Grand Rapids. Ready in "another two, maybe three weeks."
  • Kooistra Orchards, 11694 Maple Island Rd, Twin Lake. Ready in September. No dates yet.
  • Robinette’s Orchard, 3142 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids. Robinette's posted this message on their website, "We lost some of our crop this year due to freezing, so check back to see about U-Pick apples in the fall. They will be very far and few between. If you are here in the store after Labor Day, feel free to ask!"

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