The Simpsons long-running animated series is famously not located in real city in any identifiable state. The family lives in Springfield. However, since that name is one of the most widely used place names in America, it's easy for the Simpson's Springfield to be Anytown, USA.

Simpsons creator Matt Groening has hinted that Springfield in the series may take it name from Springfield in his home state of Oregon. But that hasn't stopped other Springfields from hoping to claim a little Simpsons fame.

There is a Springfield in Michigan, a suburb of Battle Creek, but that Springfield is rarely considered in connection to The Simpsons, but a long overlooked Easter Egg in the series may point to a surprising Michigan connection.

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An episode in Season 4 actually reveals Homer Simpson's Drivers License. Below the address on Evergreen Terrace is the state abbreviation NT and a ZIP Code, 49007.

Homer Simpson Driver License
eBay/Shoreline Signs and More

A prop copy of the license is available for purchase on eBay.

A quick Google search for ZIP Code 49007 shows the Zip belongs to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Specifically, the city's downtown and northside.

Hat tip to the Yes, There Really Is a Kalamazoo Meme page on Facebook that spotted the Springfield ZIPthat has intrigued Simpsons fans on Reddit over the years.

What about NT for the state? It's likely not the Northwest Territories of Canada or Northern Territory of Australia - both carry NT as a two-letter abbreviation.

Fans on Reddit point to NT standing for 'North Tacoma.'

Springfield, Michigan's ZIP Code, for what it's worth is 49037 - a Battle Creek ZIP that happens to cover the city of Springfield. Springfield is also not that far from the real 49007 - just 15 miles as the crow flies from the easternmost spot in the 49007 ZIP code and the westernmost Springfield city limits.

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