So, what would you do if you won big in the Michigan Lottery? Buy a new car? Go on vacation? Buy a new home? You sure know you're going to have a whole bunch of new friends. So many winners spend big, and many, sadly, go broke after a few years. But, not Sumayyah Waver, no way!

Fox 17 reported that Sumayyah Waver, 39, matched the five white balls drawn – 07-11-33-58-63 – in the June 1 drawing to win a $1 million prize. She bought her winning ticket at the Meijer store, located at 1997 East Beltline Avenue Northeast in Grand Rapids.

When she was asked about playing and winning, Sumayyah said, “I like to play a variety of Lottery games, so I purchased a few tickets when I was getting groceries,” About a week later, I checked the tickets. When I realized I’d won $1 million I was blown away!”

Did she say she checked her tickets a week later? Is she crazy? I'd be checking mine right after the drawings.

It can be a scary thing after winning the lottery. We've all heard the horror stories of winners actually losing it. CNBC reports that lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three to five years than the average American. What’s more, studies have shown that winning the lottery does not necessarily make you happier or healthier.

So what about Waver? She visited lottery headquarters to claim her prize, and then, as always, was asked what she planned to do with her new found wealth. With her winnings, she plans to pay off student debt and pay it forward.

“I am blessed with the people in my life and what I do for a living, so this will allow me to feel free and enjoy life even more,” she said.

We're all proud of you Sumayyah.


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