How many times have you thrown out a lottery ticket because you didn't win the big prize? Lots, right. Or, you buy a ticket, put  it away, stuffed it in a pocket and forget about it. It's probably a good idea the drag that or those tickets out and re-check them completely because maybe, just maybe it's a winner.

That's what happened to a Lansing husband and wife who forgot to check a Powerball ticket they purchased that ended up being a $1 million prize winner.

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According to the Michigan Lottery, Ana Elizalde, who had bought the ticket at a Sav-Way Food Center in Lansing, finally remembered she had bought that Powerball ticket. The question was, what had she done with it.

Ah, she thought, I gave it to my husband to keep. Hmm, what did he do with it. He found it in his coat pocket. It had already been a week so they though they might want to check the ticket.

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Guess what? They matched the white numbers, 05-11-22-23-69. Okay, stunned would be the operative word here. Ana said:

“Me and my husband buy a Powerball ticket for every drawing, and we always knew we would win big.”

So they went back to the store where she bought it and did check it to make sure. They got a message to file a claim, and then confirmed the numbers and found out they won the $1 million prize. Glory be!

Michigan Lottery/Fox17
Michigan Lottery/Fox17

What are they going to do with the money? They plan to pay bills, pay for their children's education and save the remainder of the prize.

Moral of the story is don't forget those lottery tickets and check they thoroughly!


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