Today is Friday the 13th, a day known to be unlucky, but today is not the day to let superstition get the best of you. In fact, today might be the day you hit the jackpot.

According to the Michigan Lottery, Friday the 13th has proven to be very lucky for Michiganders who play the Mega Millions.

Since 2003, Lottery players have won more than $176 million in jackpots from Friday the 13th drawings.

The last time this occurred in Michigan was in October 13, 2017 when a Waterford man split the winnings with a resident from Rhode Island. Each walked away $21 million richer.

The Michigan Lottery says four people from Michigan have won the Mega Millions jackpot on the unluckiest day of the year. In addition to that, 32 Michiganders have won prizes from $10K to $1 million.

Mega Millions drawings happen every Tuesday and Friday night and only cost $2 to play. Players have until 10:45 p.m., the night of the drawing, to buy their ticket.

Even if today still ends up being totally unlucky, you can turn your luck around just by taking a chance so it might be worth a stop to get a lotto ticket. Hasn't 2020 basically been one giant superstition anyway?

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CNN has an interesting article regarding the history of Friday the 13th and the backstory to it being synonymous with misfortune. 1 in 4 Americans admit to being superstitious.

A recent poll (via Daily Star) suggests that the top thing people are superstitious about is walking under a ladder -- 62% of people say they would avoid doing it.

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