Oprah Winfrey says her final good bye today. At least to the Oprah Show. She still has her network, movies, magazine and broadcast empire. What do you think of Oprah.

Most people believe Oprah Winfrey has been an influential force in society. Three out of four people taking part in a new Rasmussen Reports poll say they think Oprah has had an effect on how the public perceives different products and people. Thirty-five-percent feel the legendary TV personality has been "very influential." Just 16-percent don't think she's had much of an impact on people's opinions. The majority also thinks highly of Oprah. She's drawing a "favorable" rating from 63-percent, which includes 27-percent who have a "very favorable" opinion of her. Just under a third think of her "unfavorably," with only nine-percent who say their impression is "very unfavorable." Nearly two-thirds of respondents have seen "The Oprah Winfrey Show" at least once.