Three winners showed up at Gezon Motors to pick up thier shiny, new VW Beetles all courtesy of Miss Oprah Winfrey.  Yup, these people were in the audience when they got the surprise of thier lives.  They went to appear on the show because someone nominated them for doing good in their community.  Funny thing is the winners were sooo humble they didn't want to talk about what they did.  That's what makes this story so beautiful.  These are the ones you actually WANT to see win a car.  Two nominees and one nominator all picked up one red and two silver VW Beetles!  The other nominee was in Detroit picking up his.  All three winners CHOSE to get their car at Gezon Motors.  Mary Gezon is a third generation owner and in only 2% of female automobile dealership owners.  Walk in the place once, and you'll see why all three of these winners chose Gezon.  Congrats and smooth driving.