Watching Oprah Winfrey yesterday afternoon, learning of all the boys and men she has educated, all the  girls and women she has schooled, and just how wide her influence has been, is really quite astonishing.  It's a beautiful thing when your employees want to put together such a beautiful tribute to you.  As she said, "She has always paid her employees very, very, well because she remembered what it was like in her early days of radio and television when she was not paid so well."  Oh yeah, and all of her employees receive 11 weeks vacation each year.  Her influence, and how much her employees believe in her, was a testimony in itself.  When most were interviewed most mentioned her honesty, fairness, goodness, gratitude and financial appreciation she showed and shared with them. 

 The last week of the Oprah Show has been some of the best television ever.  Classy, strong, women.  A few, classy, strong men, standing by them.  WOW!  I can't wait to see the rest of what Oprah has planned for OWN.  It's already better than most tv.  Now what I have to do is figure out a way to join her posse;)    The finale airs today at 4pm in Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore on WWMT TV3. 

btw Nice tribute as well to News Anchor Judy Markee, working out her last week at WWMT.  She was with WWMT for 22 years.  Nice job of honoring a veteran newscaster with the "look back".