Watching Oprah today I was kind of mesmerized.  It was Harpo's Hook Ups.  Oprah hooks you up with with fantasy dreams.  One guy gets to  announce for ESPN. He's been watching it since he was a kid.  Gave away close to $120,000 in scholarships and wardrobes for people would coudn't afford it.  Johnny Depp was there.  But Gaga, once again stole the show.  Look up "Entertainer" in the dictionary and there is a picture of her.  There are such commonalities between her and Michael Jackson.  They were and are true artists.  In the songs she sang on Oprah's Show today, Born This Way and You and I; one of my favorite performances I'd ever seen her do.  She play a beautifully wired piano way up in the air.  Everything was perfect.  Watch it and let me know...You Like?????  ps even a little country twang in there. Here's The Hook Up!