Our beautiful West Michigan lakeshore is a treat to thousands of visitors each year.  And, the State Parks are full most of the time.

When you're in Grand Haven, walking the channel is always fun and relaxing.  Out you go as boats come in from, or go out to, the BIG lake.  And, when you arrive at nearly the end, you find the iconic Lighthouse.

This season, it looks as if a moth has spun a cocoon around the Light House.  But, not so.  It's just crews putting a new coat of shiny red paint on Grand Haven's iconic lighthouses.

Our news partner, WZZM TV13, and the Grand Haven Tribune, report that construction crews currently have the inner lighthouse wrapped in scaffolding and sheathing while they blast lead-based paint off the structures. They are also working on the interior of the inner light.

Crews hope to be wrapped up with the inner lighthouse work by the start of the Coast Guard Festival later this month.

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