If you plan on dropping off some spring cleaning stuff to Goodwill, please do it when the store is open.

According to FOX 17, at the Jenison location, people left piles of donations over the weekend when the store wasn't open which led to items getting stolen and other items were just garbage that needed to be thrown away.

When Goodwill employees came in to work Monday morning they discovered the donations had already been pilfered before employees could even search through them to stock the store. Goodwill says this situation could have been thwarted if people dropping off the stuff would just follow the rules.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids spokesperson Jill Wallace said, "If you come to a Goodwill location after hours and you see that we're not open at a specific location, we have 19 locations, so there's 18 other locations and usually they're within a pretty close radius to one another, so you can just make your way to another Goodwill location."

Goodwill used to have after hours donation locations but since they fill up so fast and others take the good stuff leaving behind the junk, it just turns into a junk pile employees have to clean up like the situation that just occurred in Jenison.