If you're looking to get more details on Gavin DeGraw's new album and hear him perform one of his tracks, you're in luck! The singer spoke with PopCrush about what fans should know about his latest project -- and he played his song 'Make a Move.'

"This particular record I co-wrote throughout the entire record-making process," Gavin explained to PopCrush. "I find that I'm getting a lot more done a lot faster and I'm actually really happy with the results."

'For [the album] 'Make a Move,' every song on this album is co-written with different personalities and I think that you can really hear the different personalities throughout this album ... Working with Kevin Rudolph, I can hear it on 'Leading Man' or I can hear you working with Ryan Tedder on 'Need.'"

And you can hear the results yourself in this amazing performance of 'Make a Man.' Gavin brings all of the energy to this rendition. You can check it out in the video above!

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