Writing new music is a tricky evolution -- but one that Gavin DeGraw does well. The singer stopped by PopCrush's studio to discuss the process and perform one of the results, 'Not Over You.'

"When it comes to make an album, you take a lot of songwriting chances," Gavin told PopCrush. "You want to try new things. You want to see what you can come up with. You want to have some level of familiarity for your fanbase, so they don't feel like you're deserting them -- even you're, as an artist, looking to try new things and re-invent yourself to some degree."

He punctuates his comments with an incredible live performance of 'Not Over You.' From the instruments to Gavin's signature drawl, everything about this version is amazing. It's like being at your own private Gavin concert. We'll give the singer credit for practicing what he preaches. This track is the perfect, natural step in his musical evolution.

Check out Gavin's performance of 'Not Over You' in the video above!

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