Want to watch Gavin DeGraw play fan-favorite song 'Soldier'? You're in luck -- that's exactly what the singer did when he stopped by PopCrush's studio in New York.

"I know you don't believe it / But I said it and I still mean it / When you heard what I told you / When you get worried I'll be your soldier," he belts.

And in case you're worried that the song will sound different since its 2011 release, we assure you, it sounds better than ever. Gavin fills the track with emotion, promising he'll never surrender.

"I'd get it if you need it / I'll search if you can't see it / You're thirsty, I'll be rain / You get hurt, I'll take your pain," he sings. (And, consequently, makes us melt.)

You can hear Gavin's amazing performance of 'Solider' in the video above! Don't forget to check out his amazing version of 'Not Over You' in the video below!

Watch Gavin DeGraw Perform 'Not Over You'

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