If you're like me and my family, you love to shop 'fresh' by shopping at Farmers Markets.  Local growers, craft artists, and more, selling their produce, items, etc., outdoors in the fresh air. 

We always shop at the Fulton Street market, and, what fun in the spring, summer and fall.  Fresh produce, flowers, and more.  We even buy our Christmas tree there.  The tree growers come in several weekends in November and December with fresh-cut trees, wreaths, bows...everything.  It's great!

The Fulton Street Farmers Market, arguably the 'granddaddy' of farmers markets in Grand Rapids, is completely re-imaging themselves.  Their $2.6 million improvement project is well underway.  Our strange winter weather has given them a huge break to keep the project moving on time.

Steel support beams shaping the open air market structure are in place and workers are placing the roof decking. The retaining wall along the eastern boundary of the market is being replaced as well.

There will be a year-round building, near the Fulton Street entrance, coming in phase three.  They're looking to raise an additional $500,000 to complete that..

There has been a big demand for the year-round building, too.  Since construction began, winter market vendors have had to set up at the Salvation Army, just down the street, temporarily.

Can't wait for the finished product.