The next time you visit a state park you'll either have to have your recreation passport or cash in hand because beginning today (Monday) it's going to cost you again to enter.

For the last few months admission into Michigan's state parks has been free due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of this at least once and do some hiking or exploring.

The recreation passport, which gets your vehicle into the park, costs only $12 when you renew your tags on your license plate, otherwise it costs visitors $17 to enter. A passport is also required for boating sites run by the state. There are over 100 state parks and recreation areas in Michigan so it pays off when you get the recreation passport.

In addition, several state amenities have already reopened that were previously closed such as public restrooms, concessions, fishing areas, playgrounds, picnic tables, sanitation stations, and viewing platforms. The DNR does state, though, that drinking fountains will remain closed.

Overnight stays at campgrounds and lodging facilities are also officially open as of today so you can start making those summer plans if camping is a yearly tradition for you and your family. While you're at it check out these cool safari tents you can rent at two different Michigan state parks.

Find more info or if you have any questions regarding state park campgrounds here. More information regarding a recreation passport can be found here.

Restrictions on overnight stay at summer camps for children were lifted last Monday.

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