True Love is in the Stars? Seems so according to a new survey. Who to be with, and not to be with.

It seems there is a particular sign that most people stay away from in their dating choice. Seriously, a certain astrological sign the the majority of those surveyed said stay away from. Can you guess which one?

Gemini! Yes, Geminis are the ones 46% in the survey said they would never date again. What's up with that?

In an article on the SWNS digital website, 2,000 Americans were asked to think about their relationships, past, present and future and found that a third of Americans refuse to date a specific astrological sign ever again, and Geminis toped the list.

And, if you’re a Cancer, Taurus, Aries or Leo, you're not in much better shape, so watch it! Pisces was last, or, best on the list, if you will, because a Pisces was the sign that most would date. I'm feeling pretty good about that! I'm a Pisces!

I was amazed that 48% of respondents often consult their horoscope for advice on their romantic life.

Hmmm, never thought about that.

Here's the list of signs that those surveyed said they would never date.


Gemini - 42%
Cancer - 37%
Taurus - 36%
Aries - 34%
Leo - 31%
Virgo - 28%
Scorpio - 24%
Libra - 22%
Sagittarius - 17%
Capricorn - 16%
Aquarius - 10%
Pisces - 7%


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