As I said's "back to reality."  Back from the holidays and some days off, and back to work and our regular routien. 

It was a little difficult yesterday, as I'm sure it was for many, but, today is much better and rolling along pretty well.   It isn't easy, after all of the celebrating and whirlwind of the holidays.

I found an article in the  [Huffington Post] that might help you if you're having trouble.

To start with, go easy on yourself. Most people get a little down after the holidays, so you shouldn’t feel bad that you can’t just spring zestfully back into your pre-holiday routine. Be patient with yourself.   Get your structure back. A disciplined schedule will help you focus, but make sure you also include things you do for yourself.

Next, if you’re working your gym time back in, also take a moment to pamper yourself. You’ve spent the holidays preparing for everybody else, so now you can take a moment for yourself.

Now, about all that food.  Try to get rid of the 'sugar stuff' and  fill the fridge with Omega-3 foods to get your mood in check and feel better about your well-being.

Finally, try some high-intensity workouts, if you're so inclined, to get that physical release you need. If that isn’t enough, take a step back.  There's no shame in realizing when it’s time to seek the help of a medical professional.

Let's get rid of the 'blues' and bring back the sunshine!  You deserve to have a Happy New Year!


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