Do you remember your first love?  Or, your young love that went away?

You were heart broken, crushed, despondent.  You couldn't eat, or sleep, or, sleep is all you wanted to do to escape from the misery of it all.  Oh, the pain.  You thought it was something that no one else felt but you.  Life, as you knew it, was over.  Oh, the loneliness.

Here is a video of a love-lost, lovesick kid that has actually gone viral.  Get the tissue.


Okay, he can't carry a tune, but the pain.  You feel it, don't you?  He probably never thought this video would be seen by half-a-million people, but then again, he did put it on YouTube. Come on, you can't help but root for this kid.

I'm thinking back to the year 19....oh well, never mind.  It's too painful.

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