If only every Winter could be like this every year!  Everyone who loves a typical Michigan Winter feels like they have been cheated out of West Michigan fun.  If you live in Michigan you must like cold weather and Pond Hockey, and Ice Skating, and Skiing, and Snowboarding at Cannonsburg Ski Area, right?

I know, I know; but, for those of us who needed a break from a typical West Michigan Winter, February this year, felt an awful lot like Spring, didn't it?  And Spring?  Spring makes me get excited about planting some flowers and thinking about some of my favorite bulbs to plant.

Here's the secret to growing hardy flowers, as tempting as it might be, do not plant them too early or you'll end up wasting money and losing those lovely flowers.   In this situation, patience really is a virtue.

Here's how you can get started the right way and at the right time!