The Best Flowers to Give a Woman
Valentine's Day is almost at hand.  And, guys, I know how challenging it can be to find the right gift for your sweetheart, especially flowers. If you're like me when I'm ordering flowers, they'll ask me what I want, and I begin to stammer!
So, here is a bit of a tutorial on …
A Few Ideas For Mother’s Day
All right. Here's the rundown.
Flowers are the big number one. No surprise there. That's the way most people go year after year, and moms love it, so why not? My mom has a green thumb, so I go with potted every year, but your mom might prefer cut. It's up to you.
My Birthday Flowers!
Thank you to Gene Parker who brought along his good camera and shot a cute little photo of Bing Goei and me.  Like I say "It's one thing to receive a gorgeous flower arrangement from Eastern Floral but it's another thing to have it hand delivered by the man himself:-)