In Grand Rapids, Salon Nouveau does a number of charity events to help  "Children With Hairloss" (if you'd like to donate your long hair for a good cause).

Think back to when you were  a little girl or a teenager or even an adult.  Females place so much value and importance on their hair, is the color right, how about the style, did the hair stylist give you a good cut?  Truth be told there are lots of children who for one reason or another don't have hair, or they have too little of  it, or have lost it through chemotherapy treatments.

Well, some folks on Facebook, (see, it can be used for good things) started up a campaign to get Mattel, the Barbie doll maker, to manufacture a bald barbie.  Having a doll to be able to relate to, to dress up in wigs, hats, scarves and bandana's can do nothing but good for a little girl's self esteem.

Mattel heard their voices and have agreed to manufacture "Bald Barbie".  She won't be available in stores, as of now, but  after the Facebook page received more than 150,000 "likes" in less than four months Mattel saw the importance of creating the doll.  Mattel says it does not want to profit from the dolls so instead the dolls will be distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada to hospitals treating children for cancer.

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