Off for a week's vacation.... fun as it is, I get all out of routine. Meals, medication, etc....everything gets out of whack. Staying with my workout routine is difficult too.

Just over half of the respondents in a new TripAdvisor poll say they still work out when they're away from home on a leisure trip. In addition, 65-percent try to maintain healthy eating habits while on the road. However, 81-percent admit they're more likely to veer off their diets while on vacation and 55-percent confess that their alcohol consumption usually goes up. One in five people who exercise while on vacation say they do so in an effort to keep from gaining weight, while another 21-percent work out simply to remain in the habit and maintain their routine. Twelve-percent say they exercise daily while away from home, while 21-percent will work out once or twice during a week-long vacation and 30-percent will run through their fitness routine three or four times. Nearly a quarter of vacationers add that they consider the availability of a fitness facility when they're choosing a place to stay.


And despite the effort and good intentions, a number of people bring home more than just memories and souvenirs. Thirty-four-percent say they usually gain weight when they travel for pleasure.