Monday, day to get back on track with my exercise routine. Spin class MWF. Powerflex TT. Love the downtown YMCA. Love the organised classes. Older I get the more I appreciate having an "appointment" to workout. Left on my own, I'd be too busy.


The majority of Americans see value in staying physically active. Four out of five respondents in a new Rasmussen Reports poll say exercise contributes to making people healthy. Three out of four folks believe working out is "at least somewhat important" to daily life, and 33-percent call it "very important." However, just ten-percent actually exercise every day. But 47-percent say they typically engage in physical activity one to three days a week, and 19-percent devote time to exercise four or five days a week. Twenty-percent admit they don't do any sort of exercise. Among those who work out one to three days a week, 79-percent spend between 15-minutes and one hour. Twelve-percent put in less than 15-minutes, while nine-percent spend more than an hour on their exercise routine.

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