Exercise… On Vacation?
Off for a week's vacation.... fun as it is, I get all out of routine. Meals, medication, etc....everything gets out of whack. Staying with my workout routine is difficult too.
Just over half of the respondents in a new TripAdvisor poll say they still work out when they're away from home on a leisur…
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout ( link )
Monday morning.  Another chance to get a fresh start on that resolution to get in better shape.  How many of us start and stop workout programs... maybe we're in it for the wrong reason.  Great article today on exercise and success.
The core concept behind intrinsic exercise is t…
Never Too Late.
Monday, day to get back on track with my exercise routine. Spin class MWF. Powerflex TT. Love the downtown YMCA. Love the organised classes. Older I get the more I appreciate having an "appointment" to workout. Left on my own, I'd be too busy...
Are Your Exercises a Waste of Time?
With a new study indicating that stretching before exercising may not prevent injury after all (unless you're already a dedicated stretcher), it seems like a good time for an optimization of our sweat-time.