Holy cow, there's a cow in the road, a driver probably had another word for cow when he slammed into not one, but three cows.

Cow's get loose sometimes and I know this because when I moved into my house a couple years ago, after about a week being there, my neighbors cows got loose and his wife and I had wrangle them into my barn for a night until they could be moved back to their farm. So basically, it happens.

Heck, even this year when I was checking by trail cameras, another neighbors cows got loose and I wound up catching cows on my cameras for a couple days until my neighbor finally got them out of my cornfield.

According to WOOD, early Friday morning roughly around 3:30 a.m. a driver wound up plowing into 3 cows that had gotten loose in Zeeland Township. Apparently 8 cows had managed to get loose but three were in the road near the intersection of Chicago Drive near 76th Avenue.

Luckily for the driver, he was not injured. I can't imagine coming around a corner and a couple of cows are standing in the road.

It took awhile for the cows to be wrangled not to mention cleaning up the 3 that got hit so the Ottawa County Sheriff's had to close down the westbound lanes for about an hour and half to clear the scene.

When I was in high school, so friends of mine borrowed their parents suburban, except the parents didn't know. They went out joy riding while their parents were out of town and thought they were going to get away with borrowing their parents ride. Just before they got back to the house a horse jumped over a fence and into the road and they smashed the suburban right into it. What a way to get caught. Lol.

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