Grand Valley State University's Twitter page, @GVSU, just announced that their unofficial mascot, Bryson the Corgi, had just graduated. Okay, what? Bryson the dog graduated with a B.S. in treatology and a minor in barking.

Okay, this is way too funny, but it's also very sweet, and, I'm serious. It seems to be a sort of suggested honorary degree.

Actually, it may be hard to believe, but there have been other animals, dogs in particular, who have been awarded a degree. Most notable is Elvis, the Welsh Corgi, from Hope College. Yes, THE Hope College in Holland.

About 12-years ago, 2010, Timothy Pennings, a math professor at Hope College in Holland, had, a dog named Elvis. He, Pennings, was speaking at the University of Virginia, about  "Do Dogs Know Calculus?"

Elvis the Corgi

Elvis the Corgi Facebook
Elvis the Corgi Facebook

In an article from the University of Virginia, Pennings was giving a talk about Elvis in order to demonstrate the dogs ability literally to do calculus. I'm not kidding. Well, he went through his demonstration very successfully, wrote a paper about the dog, which won, an led to a MAA Polya Award for Pennings and an honorary doctorate for Elvis. Sadly, since then, Elvis the Corgi had joined the other Elvis in the world beyond.

Elvis the Corgi even had a Facebook page until his passing.

By the way, Professor Pennings left Hope College to chair the Mathematics Department at Davenport University. Davenport, and as we know, has campuses throughout Michigan.

As for Brison, you can actually follow Bryson on Instagram @brysonthecorgi

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