Daylight Saving Time is this weekend. When you go to bed Saturday night move your clocks ahead one hour to "spring ahead" as they say.

More daylight during work and play hours is a good thing, right? Not so fast there. We're all going to be tired for awhile while our bodies adjust to our new sleep schedule, and that could kill us.

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Statistics show that there are more traffic accidents after the daylight saving switch, and heart attacks increase too, a 24 percent increase actually. And the chance of having a stroke goes up as well. So, while we can't wait for more daylight hours, we're killing ourselves! What great news.

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We don't actually create extra daylight. We just shift the time of sunrise and sunset, but man, is our body clock, or our circadian rhythm, out of whack!

Come on, we're going to be tired for about the first week or two and more accidents usually happen at work; mental illness, and depression can be triggered. I'm getting depressed just thinking about it. SAD, seasonal affective disorder, may go away with more daylight.

Unsplash/Brooke Cagle
Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

The good news is that all of this doom and gloom will pass within days or weeks. SAD, seasonal affective disorder, may go away with more daylight. In a survey, many of us eventually said that we were happy and wonderful. More daylight hours? Probably.

So, what can we do? For one thing, doctors say to try to wake up a little earlier each day before the time change. That's a tough one now since we only have two days before DST. But it may make next week a little easier when waking up.

Next, they say to eat breakfast right away because we need to tell our bodies our day is starting. And also go for a walk in the daylight because daylight will help adjust your inner clock.

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Are we having fun yet?


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