Right now in Michigan we're scheduled to come off Daylight Saving Time right after Halloween on Sunday, November 1.

But what do you think of Michigan staying on Daylight Saving Time all year?

There are eleven states including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and now Florida trying to stay on Daylight Saving Time all year, pending government approval. So why not Michigan, too? Two senators in Florida are trying to make Daylight Saving Time permanent for all of the US. Especially now that data shows people going to work later due to COVID-19. Wouldn't you rather have some sun after work?

We all know how depressing it is for the sun to go down before 5:00 PM in December. Which would you rather have, more light in the morning or later in the day?

We all know that lack of sunshine leads to depression that can lead to thoughts of suicide. Studies say there are also more accidents, injuries at work, heart attacks and more. The first time Michigan went on Daylight Saving Time was back in 1918 over 100 years ago, and crazy, back in 1972 our state didn't change the time at all and was on Eastern Standard Time all year.

Hawaii and Arizona stay on one time all year. So now if Florida and the eleven other states that will stay on Daylight Saving Time it could be very confusing when taking a flight to those states. What time is it?

This bill is being fast tracked and would have to be voted on soon to make this a reality for 2020. But I'm all for it.

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