The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) reported 35 new COVID-19 outbreaks in schools, bringing the total of ongoing outbreaks to 105.

The total ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks are above 100 for the first time in a month, and the new outbreaks are the highest they have been in 2 months.

The majority of the new outbreaks are in pre-schools and elementary schools, totaling 14 new outbreaks across the state.  High schools have also seen a spike in COVID-19 cases with 36 new cases across 11 different schools.  There were also 2 administrative buildings affected in addition to 4 colleges or universities and 4 middle schools or junior highs.

The increase in cases was to be expected because at this point in the year, every school has returned from winter break and very few schools are still learning virtually.  The number of outbreaks are still much smaller than what they were in late fall and early winter, but if the trend of new outbreaks continue, we could see schools starting to go back to hybrid learning on even 100% virtual learning.

The new outbreaks in West Michigan include 3 schools in Barry County, 1 in Newaygo County, and 4 in Ottawa County.  That makes Ottawa County the most affected by COVID-19 outbreaks in schools with a total of 11 schools now experiencing an ongoing outbreak.  Kent County didn't report any new outbreaks but has 6 schools that a are currently experiencing an ongoing outbreak.  Check to see the entire list of outbreaks.

You can see the list of new outbreaks posted by MDHHS every Monday at 3pm on the website.

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