McDonald's has a menu and a concept that is comfortable to the millions and millions to dine there. A new restaurant that is kind of like McDonald's but not quite is set to open its first test location in south suburban Chicago, a short drive from Michigan.

The Story Behind CosMc's

The new McDonald's concept restaurant is known as CosMc's and is based on a very obscure character used in advertising in the mid-1980s. CosMc is a space alien who came to earth to trade. He ends up trading items from the McDolandland gang until Ronald introduces the extraterrestrial to the flavor of McDonald's. After getting his first  McD's meal, CosMc takes off to galaxies unknown to share his newfound love for hamburgers.

Intergalactic travel being what it is, perhaps that explains why it took 36 years between CosMc's arrival to McDonaldland in 1987 and the appearance of the first CosMc's restaurant in 2023.

Check out this commercial that introduces the character of CosMc.

McDonald's has been using is McDonaldland stable of characters heavily in advertising of late from the return of the Hamburglar to a Grimace ugly Christmas sweater.

A Look at CosMc's and Menu

Fox 32 in Chicago covered the forthcoming CosMc's restaurant. Take a look at their reporting.

As the construction was underway, someone got enterprising and drove by the new location. He was able to get images of the drive-thru menu boards and shared them with BusinessInsider in an article that includes photos of the mneu. The menu appears to focus on drinks and breakfast foods. Some items are easily recognizable as McDonald's favorites like an Egg McMuffin and standard McCafe fare - they're labeled on the menu as "From the McDonald's Universe."

Other items, like the Galactic Boost line are far from standard fare with flavors like Island Pick-Me-Up Punch and Berry Hibiscus Sour Ade. Sandwiches that appear exclusive to CosMc's are menu newcomers like the Spicey Queso.

If you're thinking of planning a trip to the outer realms of the galaxy, er, suburban Chicago to try CosMc's the restaurant is set to open nearly adjacent to a current McDonalds in Bolingbrook near the intersection of Boughton and Weber Roads.

If McDonald's can bring back a totally obscure advertising character from the 1980s to build an entirely new restaurant concept around, perhaps there is hope for some of these beloved but now gone items that used to grace the menu boards under the Golden Arches.

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