For the past several weeks we have been registering listeners, the 20th caller when we asked for you to call, to win a $500 Meijer Shopping Spree.

Whee!  $500 to spend anyway you want, and just in time for Christmas!

Well, today was the day to give 3 shopping spree's away, and it didn't take too long.  I drew three names, and read one at a time, giving each contestant 10 minutes to call back and win.  I think the longest I waited for a return call was 1 minute.  How exciting!

Congratulations to Mary Boucher (Boo-shay), Sue Green and Rebecca Kleyn.

But the winning just keeps happening on 100.5 The River.

Tomorrow we begin our  

"Meijer 12-Days of Christmas."  Just make sure you're a loyal listener.  If you're not, it's easy, just sign up on this web site.  Then, be listening every morning beginning tomorrow, December 6th, at 8:30 a.m.  I'll give you a bonus code that you type in, and one lucky "loyal listener" will instantly win the toy of the day.  And, boy are they great.

Good Luck!  And, thanks for listening the 100.5 The River!