Prune juice, adult diapers, hot tubs, casino nights and broom closet hanky-panky play roles in what some are claiming is the world’s first lip dub to come out of a retirement community.

But the real stars, of course, are the people.

The Clark Retirement Community last week released a nearly six-minute music video, filmed in a single take set to Michael Buble’s cover of the 1965 hit song “Feelin’ Good.”

The Grand Rapids Press reports that since then, the video has gone viral, earning a spot on television’s “Inside Edition,” the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America” and “FOX America Live.” As of Saturday night, the video had 246,000 hits on YouTube and was played more than 50,000 times on
“I knew I was going to be famous. I just didn’t know it was going to take 86 years,” quipped resident Rudy Cooper as a crew from West Coast Media arrived to tape a segment for “Inside Edition.”

The video was directed by recent Grand Valley State University graduate Alan Ledford and shot by a crew of more than 20 video and audio production students.

Residents interviewed went out of their way to give high praise to the GVSU students.

Jane Ward, Clark’s community outreach liaison, said one resident who appeared in the video told her, “The energy of these kids is just amazing. I love the feeling of that.”

The feeling was mutual.

“Most of the students are so used to working with people their own age,” said Kim Roberts, a GVSU associate professor who served as co-executive producer of the lip dub. “But they grew so close, and the students learned so much about patience, about sometimes having to repeat things, about how to coach people.”

The video seemed to put a magical, fun spell on all those involved in the hoopla, and not just in Grand Rapids.

Heather DeCoster, Clark’s marketing and admissions specialist, was answering emails Wednesday morning from across the country and reading comments on YouTube when the telephone rang. It was a producer from “Good Morning America,” asking if the show could run a clip on Thursday.

And one more thing, asked the caller: “She said her mother wanted her to ask, are either of the men in the hot tub single?” DeCoster said, giggling.

Just in case you missed it,  here it is, again.  You'll enjoy it!

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