senior citizens

What Retirees Wish They Would Have Done Differently
It's always a good idea to listen to your elders.  They have lived, learned and know a lot more than you do.  They say you can never go back, but some retirees were interviewed and asked what they have learned along life's highway and byway...
Dominican Sisters Offer Home Care For Seniors
So many times old people want to live in their own home but are not not capable of doing it without a little extra helping hand.  Well, Domincan sisters are stepping up to lend that helping hand in the way of care for in home seniors.
Clark Lip-dub Continues To Be A Hit [VIDEO]
Prune juice, adult diapers, hot tubs, casino nights and broom closet hanky-panky play roles in what some are claiming is the world’s first lip dub to come out of a retirement community.
But the real stars, of course, are the people.
Top 10 States That Are Unfriendly To Retirees in 2011
Maybe you are of the retirement age and you're thinking to yourself,  "Where can I retire to where my dollars are going to go farther."  There are such places, but then again there are those other places where the tax structure and cost of living are just not in your…