Can you die of a broken heart?  I think you can.  Maybe you believe in the mind-body connection, where the loss of someone you love so dearly can take its toll on you phyically.  I believe that can be the case as well.  This Oceana couple was married for 55 year years and on Sunday, they died within hours of each other.  Having a spouse gives some people a reason to live.  Possibly he lost his reason when his wife passed on. 

This is a beautiful love story.  I remember hearing talk show icon, Phil Donahue, say this years ago.  Even as a small child I never forgot it.  I feel this way about my parents.  He said it was an old Irish saying, it goes like this, "I pray that you may live to be 100 years, and I one day less, so that I may never know the day you pass".  That pretty much sums it up doesn't it. 


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