Grand Rapids is the Lip Dub Capital of the World.  The Grand Rapids Lip Dub got national attention and millions of views.  It helped inspire many more.

Now we have "singalongs" too.

Has it been too much?  Are you sick of lip dubs?

You could spend days viewing all of the lip dubs online.  Grand Rapids is home to a couple of the best:  Grand Rapids Lip Dub has received nearly 5 million views on YouTube and Clark Retirement Community's lip dub got national attention.

There was the marriage proposal lip dub in May.  There's a website dedicated to university lip dubs because there are so many.  The Pure Michigan Statewide Singalong debuted at halftime of the Detroit Lions game on Sunday, September 9.

Lip dubs can be entertaining when done well, but many are not.  Anyone with a cell phone camera can make one, but not everyone with a cell phone camera cares to put in the time to make a good lip dub.

The novelty has worn off a bit because Grand Rapids has set the bar so high.  I haven't written off lip dubs entirely, but it's going to have to be a good one to get me to watch.