You might have heard of Christmas, Michigan located in the UP. Founded in 1938 and named by a factory owner, Christmas, Michigan has streets called Santa Lane, Mrs.  Claus Lane, Jingle Bell Lane, Mistletoe Lane and St. Nicholas Street.

You can visit Silent Night Camp Sites, Christmas Auto Repair, and the Yule Log Resort all found in Christmas, Michigan.

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Did you know there is a Christmas, Florida too? Using information from the United States Census Bureau, Stacker found 29 cities and towns across America with names that embody the spirit of Christmas.

Michigan may have the 45th parallel which is half way to the North Pole but in New York, they have a North Pole. So does Alaska. Imagine living in a city where the spirit of Christmas surrounds you year round. Let's go on a sleigh ride...

29 American Cities Named After Christmas


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