What happened in Arizona is just so tragic.  A mentally unbalanced kid opens fire on a crowd gathered to hear Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords speak.

But instead of focusing on the tragedy, loss and insanity lets focus on the people affected.  People like Christina, the little 9 year old girl with big dreams.  Her life and many others were snuffed out in an instant; by someone who did not respect his own life, let alone the lives of others.  We walk the streets with people like this on a daily basis never knowing when they too could snap anytime, anyplace.

Christina Taylor Green, was a little girl but for such a little girl she had some pretty lofty dreams.  Kind of looked like she was on her way to achieving them too!

Christina is the grand daughter of Dallas Green who managed the Philadelphia Phillies.  She came into this world on a tragic day, September 11th, 2001.  She left the world in the same way.  In fact, Christina was featured in a book showcasing 9/11 babies.  She saw herself being the first girl to play on a major league baseball team.   She had political aspirations too and THAT is why she was in that parking lot on that day.

Get to know Christina and her family a little bit better in this 2 minute video visit with the family...

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