Gabrielle Giffords Speaks!  It has only been four weeks since the Tucson shooting that killed 6 people and injured 13. 

This is an unbelievable story of a truly miraculous healing.  Even the doctors are amazed at her lightening speed progress.  They say a bullet that goes through the left side of the brain almost always affects speech.  The fact, the she can speak a word in context, this soon after the brain injury, is nothing short of a miracle.  Most patients with this kind of brain injury mumble, or are only able to repeat sounds or have no reference or context.  The key word there is "most".  But Gabby is not "most" is she.  One doctor says, the fact that she can respond to a question, in the context in which it was asked, this early in the game, shows a return to function.  ***She asked for toast for breakfast.  

I tell you, these are the times when a person's spirit really matters.  Everyone has said all along that; Gabby is a fighter.  She refuses to give in to limitations placed on her.  I love that!  If anyone can push through these so called barriers to healing it will be Gabrielle Giffords.  

Other good news is she is getting her appetite back, she is speaking more, she is eating three meals a day and she is gaining her weight back.  Every sign the doctors were hoping to see on the road to recovery. 

Remember when she was being transferred to her current facility, and the crowds lined the streets cheering her on, her husband shared with us that she teared up and a smile came to her lips.  It's the power of people lifting her up.  You Go Gabby!!!!!


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