The Grand Rapids Press began a series of articles this past Sunday on gun cotrol, and guns in society.  Today's article is quite interesting stating the number of women carrying concealed weapons is growing in West Michigan.  I think it's important for all of us to be aware.

Companies are making holsters designed for bras and skirts, and pistols small enough to go unnoticed. And where you live has a lot to do with how many might be in use.

About one in six concealed weapon holders in Michigan is a woman, according to state police records kept since a new law 10 years ago made it easier to carry concealed guns.

But just as a Booth Michigan analysis found there are wide differences among counties in the number of license holders per capita, so too are there disparities among the sexes.

In Wayne County, 22 percent of licensing actions involved women, the vast majority of those approvals. Barry County came in second at 19 percent

Ottawa and Presque Isle counties were at the opposite extreme, where just 11 percent of permit holders were likely to be women. The state average is 17 percent.

Wherever they are, the women’s reasons for wanting concealed weapons are similar.

You can follow the entire article and series by linking here with the Grand Rapids Press.